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Application Enhancers

PeaceMaker should be used in spray applications where pesticide requires an ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate type additive. It is formulated to minimize corrosiveness or abrasiveness to spray nozzles. PeaceMaker should also be used with pesticides that are enhanced by acidic spray solutions.

Dew Juice is a harvest aid designed for increased leaf retention and decreased leaf shatter in alfalfa and other forage crops.

Admit All is a next generation organosilicone based spray adjuvant with excellent leaf penetration. It is a non-ionic wetting agent, spreader, penetrating surfactant to be used with pesticides requiring an adjuvant to enhance foliage uptake.

Descend II is a deposition aid that reduces off-target fines, spray evaporation, and droplet bounce.

Hang-Up is a soil retention aid designed to keep soil applied pesticides within a targeted soil depth.

Hard wire is a specialized 4-way activator containing penetrants, spreaders, water conditions, and canopy penetrating deposition agents.